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Teacher of Color Recruitment Fair


Schools are invited to participate in our

Teacher of Color Recruitment Fair 

Feb 9, 2019.  

Our event is hosted at 

Cliff Valley School

2426 Clairmont Rd, Atlanta.

School Registration

Choose from 3 Subscriptions


Choose from 3 subscription options

  • TOC Subscription 1 - Full Participation, $525 per school
  • TOC Subscription 2 - TOC Resume Sharing , $325 per school
  • TOC Subscription 3 - Teacher of Color Placement Services

Women Navigating Careers Breakfast


Discover the inside track and establish new connections at independent schools during breakfast. Gain helpful tips on hiring and career development.  

Teachers and administrators are invited to attend this rewarding event for new and seasoned educators.  Join us!

WNC Breakfast Registration