List of 2019 Participating Schools


2019 Teacher of Color Recruitment Recruitment Fair

Location:  Cliff Valley School, 2426 Clairmont Rd, Atlanta, GA

Feb 9, 2019,  Atlanta
11:30AM - TOC Session  -Consider Teaching at Independent Schools Get the Inside tip on the many benefits of teaching at private schools, Pk-12th grade.  Meet important leaders at select private schools around the country who have tremendous hiring experience.  This very insightful session highlights the difference in schools and covers the recruitment process at various schools. It is a great introduction for all educators.  Free and open to the Public.

List of presenters include:

12:30 - 2:30PM - 2019 TOC School Fair featuring:

2019 List of Schools
^^Atlanta Girls' School, GA

^^Atlanta International School, GA

##Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, GA

​^^**Baylor School, TN

^^Brearley School, NY

Buffalo Public Schools, NY

Cherry Creek Schools, CO

^^Christ Church Episcopal School, SC

##Christel House Schools, IN

​​^^Cliff Valley School, GA

Douglas County School District, CO

##Envision Education, CA

^^Friends School of Atlanta, GA

^^Friends School of Baltimore, MD

##Globe Academy, GA

^^**Lake Forest Academy, IL

​Lansing School District, MI

##LEAD Public Schools, TN

^^Lovett School, GA

^^Marist School, GA

^^Midtown International School, GA

^^**Milton Academy, MA

^^ Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, GA

##Museum School of Avondale Estates, GA

Napierville School District 203, IL

New York City Board of Education, NY

^^Pace Academy, GA

​^^Paideia School, GA

​​^^**Pike School, MA

##Propel Schools, PA

San Lorenzo Unified School District, CA

^^Shady Hill School, MA

^^Sidwell Friends School, DC

^^St. Benedicts School, GA

^^St. Martin's Episcopal School, GA

^^St. Paul Academy and Summit School, MN

^^Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, MD

^^​Trinity Preparatory School, FL

^^University Preparatory Academy, WA

^^**Walnut Hills School for the Arts, MA

Waukegan Public Schools, IL

^^Wesleyan School, GA

Westminster Public Schools, CO

^^​Westminster Schools of Augusta, GA

^^Whitefield Academy, GA​

Receiving Resumes Only - Not Attending Fair 2/9

++##Acero Schools, IL

++^^Flint Hill School, VA

++^^Heritage Preparatory School, GA

~~>>CALWEST Educators Placement, CA
++Resume Sharing Only
^^Independent/Private School

**Boarding School

##Charter School
>>Placement Agency
~~2018 WNC/TOC Sponsor

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